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Our new friends from Proxima Centauri are finally here on Earth!  They bring with them a ship full of neat sounds to share with us all.  Pick up the new single, From Stars (Friend); out now on iTunes, Amazon MP3 store, and on CDBaby!  If you enjoy the song, please leave a rating or review, they are the Aliens' primary food source.

Edit:  I now have a Bandcamp Page for those of you who want my music in super ultra mega high quality!

From Stars (Friend) by Identity4


On December 9th, 2011, They Arrive.

Some beings are landing here on Earth on December 9th, 2011. These beings traveled from beyond the stars. Are they here to be our friends? Are they here to crush us all into oblivion? We don't know, but they bring synthesizers and theremins. Will you be ready for them?

From Stars (Teaser) by Identity4