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Oh brain, you sure are funny.

The human brain sure can do funny things sometimes.  The other day I was lying in bed, being generally tired and lazy.  Lo and behold; a music idea floats to the surface of my mind!  Being wintertime and after nightfall, the idea of leaving my nice warm bed to sit in my freezing cold studio seemed unpleasant.  Wait!  My laptop is sitting on my night table!  I can just write my idea with that using logic!  I start writing a few nice synthlines and get to a point where I need a nice white noise ramp to build into a section of the song.  Crap, which Logic plugin has a noise generator!?  (Just a note, I write about 95% of my music on a Windows machine with Ableton Live.  I can use Logic, but I am not a ninja at it!)  I spend a few minutes poking around for SOMETHING that can make white noise.  I come to the conclusion that checking each and every plugin is too much effort to go through for some simple white noise. 

It is at this point my obnoxius troll-brain pipes up with an interesting solution.  "dude!" it thinks, "You have CSound loaded on the laptop!  You can just make the noise ramp in that!  It cant possibly take any longer than surfing Logic Plugins...right?"  Well, yeah.  I could do that.  I've been teaching myself how to code in CSound this month, and it cant possibly be too hard to make.

Turns out I have no idea what I'm doing.  One hour later:

Oh yeah, this is MUCH easier than finding a plugin.This saved me no time or effort at all.  Thanks brain!  Oh well, at least now I know how to make white noise with Csound!

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