Are you producing a video game or film and would like songs and soundtracks custom written to your needs with a unique feel and sound?  I have been producing electronic music for 6 years now, and now is your chance to hire me for your project!  Feel free to head over to the contact page and drop me a line with your ideas.

Keepers of Dryandra: The Soundtrack by Identity4

Conveyor Chaos (2010)CONVEYOR CHAOS (VIDEO GAME 2010)

Chloe is hired by her uncle to save his failing warehouse business. She must help sort objects to make his business profitable again! Distributed by Big Fish Games.

Created By: Trent Dillon, Hearthfire Studios LLC

Composed By: Paul D. Disney

Soundtrack Length: Aprox. 47 Minutes 

Conveyor Chaos by Identity4


Ezra and Imogene (2010)EZRA AND IMOGENE (2010)

An aspiring writer named Imogene Wolfe steps outside and meets (gets nearly run over by) a very interesting young man named Ezra.

Directed By: Kari Bowles

Composed By: Paul D. Disney and Sean Jensen (Saxophones)

Running Time: Aprox. 10 Minutes

Ezra and Imogene: The Soundtrack by Identity4


Artifice (2009)


A man tries to seek the social life he has always missed out on.

Directed By: Renee M. Disney

Composed By: Paul D. Disney

Running Time: Aprox. 10 Minutes

Artifice: The Soundtrack by Identity4